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PassFORT eliminates the hassle of remembering passwords

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PassFORT offers multiple gateways for password protection

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PassFORT enables password sharing between teams via SSL secure servers


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PassFORT is an Online Password Manager developed to boost productivity by allowing safe and secure Password sharing among teams. Our award-winning Online Password sharing software is the best solution to all your password problems.

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1. Level-up your online security

In today’s technological world, your passwords and login credentials have never been more important. One weak password can endanger your private information and place it in jeopardy. By switching to PassFORT, you can be sure never to let hackers and other scammers find a way to breach your online security. PassFORT is a Password Manager which helps safe and secure Password sharing among teams via its encrypted password sharing features.

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2. Enhance your productivity

PassFORT offers auto-filling of forms to eliminate the hindrance from your day-to-day online productivity. Enjoy your PassFORT vault to store all your sensitive data and information without any fear of a compromise on security.

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3. Bid goodbye to password errors

PassFORT is a Password Manager that has been developed to boost productivity by enabling easy and safe Password sharing among teams. Our award-winning Online Password sharing software is the best solution to all your password filling problems. Enjoy quick access to a site of your interest without facing the trouble of forgetting your password.

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Excellent Browser Extensions

Step into the world of safe and secure browsing with online task completion by installing advanced PassFORT browser extensions. These browser extensions are available for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and work equally amazingly.

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Works accross all devices

Your sensitive information is available for you, whereever you want it. The PassFORT web app is ensured to work across all browser and device platforms, be it your smart phone, tablet or your PC. The responsive web app adapts to any form-factor or screen where you need your personal information so you never feel locked in.

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Best User experience

PassFORT is all about boosted user experience. From auto-filling of forms and personalized file safety vaults to chrome extensions and two-factor authentication, PassFORT is all about enhancing user experience. Simplify security and boost productivity by using this Online Password sharing software.

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Migrating to PassFORT is forever easy

Get rid of insecure notes, documents or old password managers. PassFORT includes data import features so that you can import your data kept elsewhere within minutes. Just create your account, import csv file and enjoy the best security experience.

SSL Secure

Maintenance of online security at optimal levels can easily be achieved by using PassFORT. This software deploys outstanding SSL security features to avoid any data leakage or theft between your devices and our servers web servers and web browsers to let you enjoy secure Password sharing among teams.

Two-Factor Authentication

Include an additional layer of security to your sensitive information. With two-factor authentication, nobody can log in to your account just because they know your password, they will have to prove by entering a OTP (One Time Password) sent to you on your phone. Eliminate all chances of data thefts and security breaches by merely using our excellent Password Manager.

Secure Sharing

Be it family or the corporate team, we always face a need to pass credentials. Don’t just share, share it securely with PassFORT. With PassFORT’s advanced data encryption, you can be sure that the sensitive information you are sharing cannot be accessed by any other person than the intended recipient. You are safe from the insecure networks and data leakages. In addition PassFORT gives you fine control over the sharing by giving you multiple levels of permission options and the ability to revoke access anytime.

Stronger Passwords

Get rid of your older, weaker passwords that you created to easily remember. They are easy to guess as well, aren’t they? With PassFORT managing and filling all your passwords for you, it also encourages and includes a tool to generate very strong passwords to level up your security on the internet. A unique, complex and reasonably long password generated by PassFORT cannot be guessed by even the most powerful computers in reasonable time, leave humans.

Advanced Authentication with Audit

Designed for professional and everyday users alike, our service features a superior level of audited encryption to deny wrongful account access. PassFORT also gives you a bird’s-eye view of your account activity showing you where, when and what activity was performed on your account. So, maintain the integrity of your sensitive data and private information by using PassFORT’s advanced authentication with audit features.

Choose from our editions

Getting PassFORT to secure your private data and information by using strong passwords is one of the wisest decisions you can make for yourself or your company.

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For Individual Users

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If you are an individual user looking for a reliable Password Manager, PassFORT will surely do the job for you. PassFORT is free for individual users for an unlimited number of records and shares. Just create your account now and start using PassFORT

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For SME’s

PassFORT offers exclusive add-ons and a variety of Online Password sharing features suited to SMEs. In addition PassFORT also provides tailor made experiences suited to your organization particularly. Just drop us an email and our team will work together with you to give your organisation the productivity boost.


A team of professionals actively supports PassFORT to answer your queries. Whether you are having trouble with usage or want to know more about PassFORT features, just drop us a message, and we will get back to you shortly.